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We support cost reduction the doctors improved patient outcomes

In today’s restricted budget environment, hospitals need to be able to make informed decisions in the cost arena. UDI 360 data creates the foundation for defensive pricing in vendor contract and insurance reimbursement negotiations. UDI 360 allows surgeons to see unit costs, past performance of implanted devices, and the specific devices that others are using for the same surgeries, enabling surgeons to identify devices that may be more cost effective for the procedure. Hospital staff need software that handles data analytics seamlessly and presents data in a manner that empowers them to effectively query areas of interest to quickly expose opportunities for cost savings and improved process efficiencies.

Hospitals routinely set cost reduction objectives; however, few regularly meet these goals. This is often due to having no way to measure the financial effectiveness of implemented changes. UDI 360 provides the powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tools to expose this data in real time. Are you able to quickly identify your most expensive surgeon? What is your most expensive surgery, and why? What implant devices are being utilized most often for certain demographics with the best level of success? What are the reasons for wasted inventory? UDI 360 provides the answers to these questions and more.

UDI 360 Overview
Implant Management

Leverage your Hospital’s Data

UDI 360 handles the lean collection of data surrounding procedures involving tissue and device implants. Put that data to work utilizing the powerful UDI 360 BI/Analytics tools. Intuitive graphs and charts serve as the launching point into the data that matters most to your hospital. For the more seasoned researcher, an ad hoc reporting capability exists to support custom queries.

Immediate Return on Investment (ROI)
Easily Identify cost drivers
Custom Reporting
Visualize trends and patterns
Intra-hospital visibility

UDI 360 Benefits

Analytics are useful as soon as data collection from procedures begins.

Download reports and review data at any time, from any device.

Associated costs of surgeries, devices, surgeons, and insurance companies.

What inventory is being wasted the most and why.

Utilize the ad hoc query interface to further research any data collected by UDI 360.

Interface provides several methods for constructing custom reports.

Charts and graphs make it simple to identify trends and patterns in the data.

Apply several filters to adjust time frame and scope of the provided metrics.

Analytics can be viewed from the perspective of a single hospital, select hospitals in a system, or as a hospital system in its entirety.

Concise, intuitive, comprehensive views provide maximum flexibility and tremendous benefits from data analytics.