We support the soldier the mission success

With over 200 years of combined personnel experience 4M Research, Inc.’s Engineering Division provides engineering services to Department of Defense (DoD) Agencies, Military Services, and to DoD Contractors. The Engineering Division specializes in Program Support, Systems Engineering, Software and Simulation Development, Hardware in the Loop Development & Operations, Independent Verification & Validation, and Test & Evaluation Services.

Team Description and Performance

The Engineering Division has three primary groups

Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Battle Command System (IBCS) Support

4M personnel work within the IBCS Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I) Integrated Product Team. Our personnel plays a lead role in pre-test planning and analysis activities. The team works with the IAMD Project Office to ensure success of upcoming flight tests and demonstration events.

Collaborative Test and Evaluation Center (CTEC) Development, Analysis and Operations

4M Engineering Division supports the US Army Aviation and Missile Command Research, Development, and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) support the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) with testbed capabilities for the Enhanced Command Control Battle Management Communications (EC2BMC). The testbed supports these programs with concept exploration, materiel solution analysis, and technology demonstration initiatives for improving the nation’s missile defense capabilities. Testbed operations will be integrated with MDA-approved all-digital (distributed) simulation environments.

Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) Simulation Center (GSC) Support

4M Engineering Division supports the AMRDEC Government-Led laboratory, the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) Simulation Center (GSC), hosting an up-to-date suite of GMD models and simulations, to conduct system and element level performance analysis and capability assessments. Our staff provides independent support to the GMD Systems Engineering and Integration Office for systems engineering, M&S development, integration, installation and execution for system and element level performance analysis and capability studies.

Program Support
Systems Engineering
Software and Simulation Development
Hardware in the Loop (HWIL)
Independent Verification and Validation
Test and Evaluation Services

Division Capabilities

Through many years of hands-on experience, our staff has developed efficient procedures that support many areas of acquisition and operational support as well as program planning and control. Our approach considers program risks, schedule, critical paths, work arounds, and detailed what-if analyses to support the customer with key milestone decisions. Included in our approach is cost performance and planning along with technical performance planning that is used to identify program and cost metrics used to assess management risks. Customers supported in this area include both DoD and NASA.

4M personnel have supported multiple programs from concept development to fielding. Specific Systems Engineering support areas include: design trades, algorithm design and prototyping, software/hardware integration, hardware/software component testing, test planning, test execution, data analysis, requirements verification, and program documentation. Our staff has experience supporting air defense systems, Army aviation platforms, and NASA systems in one or more of these specific areas.

4M has developed a modeling and simulation approach consistent with simulation based acquisition, model based engineering, simulation for system assessment & analysis, and simulation test & evaluation processes. Our approach ensures useful end item products that include: non real-time, real-time, and virtual representations of the systems being developed & evaluated. The 4M personnel have supported both the Government customer and prime contractor developers in this area.

The corporate expertise with HWIL activities is rooted in personnel experience gained in support of the THAAD. Our personnel supported the design, development, and operation of the independent HWIL/SWIL facilities. The expertise required to support these activities is currently resident within 4M.

4M personnel have over 30 years cumulative experience in all aspects of IV&V support. Our experienced staff have supported THAAD, GMD, and Space Station programs with IV&V activities that include: documentation review and analysis; system requirements flow-down and implementation; component requirements and design; component interface assessment; hardware/software requirements definition and implementation; independent test planning, execution and analysis; and field test support.

4M’s staff has experience in test and evaluation of missile defense systems. This experience covers pre-test activities: test design & planning, test case development, analysis planning, and pre-flight predictions; test execution, data collection, and operations; and post-test activities: post-flight reconstruction, data analysis, requirements verification, and report generation.