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We support the soldier the mission success

At 4M, we do ERP right. We serve our clients with the implementation and maintenance of their ERP solutions through requirements definition, design and architecture, development, testing, training, implementation and deployment, and solution support. 4M employs team members who are experienced and skilled in assuring quality and risk-mitigated solution execution.

When it comes to delivering ERP solutions, experience has taught us that EMPLOYEE-BASED models are far superior to the CONTRACTOR-BASED models often found in the Federal marketplace. At 4M, we are committed to supporting the business and mission goals of our clients by providing the most talented personnel available. 4M is built on a robust ERP talent pool made up of full-time employees. ERP applications are always evolving and as a result, we invest in our employees' on-going training and development so that our services evolve with the demands of our Customers.

4M is committed to assisting our clients in meeting their ERP business and mission goals. Fundamental to our approach is an attitude of Service and Partnership. Relationships with our clients is central to our company model and is a value integral to the approach of every 4M employee.

Team Description and Performance

At 4M we work with world-class partners. Our partners are extremely valuable to us and experience has proven that close partnerships empower our teams to deliver premium services and solutions to our clients. 4M is an SAP Services Partner and Extended Business Program Member recognized for our company values, industry expertise, and strong reputation for customer and partner commitment.

Business Intelligence, Analytics, and Data Management
Federal Funds and Financial Management
Supply Chain Management
Application Development
Solution Support and Training

Division Capabilities

The Federal Government takes the term "Big Data" to the next level. Our Federal clients deal in quantities of data that often dwarf the size of the largest commercial companies. At 4M, we assist our clients in defining strategies and solutions in using ERP applications to support Data Lifecycle Management and turning vast quantities of data into actionable information through Business Intelligence, reporting, and other mechanisms.

The financial requirements and mandates for Federal agencies is made up of very complex processes, controls, and reporting requirements. Complying with legislative and regulatory policies can be overwhelming when trying to sustain auditable financials. 4M assists our clients in maximizing the value of their ERP solutions in meeting these goals.

The U.S. Army employs one of the most time-tested supply chains in history. 4M provides ERP services supporting the Army supply chain as well as the data components such as materiel that support it. We assist our clients in optimizing their supply chain leveraging the tools an integrated ERP provides.

Even ERP solutions don't exist in a vacuum by themselves. ERPs coexist with other applications and often must be integrated into these environments. 4M provides application development services that encompass the development of reports, interfaces, conversions, extensions, forms, and application extensions.

The ERP solution journey for organizations doesn't end at Go-Live. At 4M, we support our clients in the operation, maintenance, and safeguarding of their ERP investment. Our services assist our clients in keeping their solutions current through upgrades and enhancements while keeping users trained and capable throughout the application life-cycle.

In today’s world of cyber-threats and increased regulatory scrutiny, 4M helps our customers develop and deploy GRC strategies and application technologies that align people, processes, and technology to address enterprise risk. We assist our clients with the optimal use of GRC tools to meet all compliance requirements and to proactively address cyber threats.