• Premier Software
    • Cloud Hosted
    • Tiered Access
    • Uses Manufacturer Barcodes
    • Enhances Device Tracking
       Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Implant
    • Meets and exceeds regulatory

       • Compliant with UDI regulations

           • User friendly software
  • • Simplified tracking and management
    • Powerful analytics
    • Enables cost management
    • Speedy implementation

UDI 360

Federal regulation requires Unique Device Identification (UDI) labels be present on all packaging for implantable devices by September 2015. UDI 360 is a cloud hosted application providing a 360-degree view of UDI marked implant devices highlighting lifetime performance metrics. This software links the tracking, life-cycle events, and stability of the implanted device, resulting in full spectrum visibility to the FDA, the hospital, the manufacturer, and the patient.

UDI 360 provides a new level of patient empowerment. Implant recipients can now monitor their devices 24/7 for product recalls or any other issues by part number and lot number. This interface allows patients to maintain information unique to their device, providing more flexibility and insight into managing their healthcare. Device information can also be easily integrated into each provider’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) / Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

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